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An open-source platform offering a wide range of solutions and APIs to adopt Blockchain, NFT and metaverse capabilities.

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Our Vision

We aim to accelerate blockhain, metaverse, Web 3.0 transformation and adoption by developing simple, innovative, interoperable solutions within an active community.

Wodo Platform

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Platform Architecture

Wodo Platform is built on a cloud Saas architecture that empowers businesses to do easy cryptocurrency/blockchain, NFT and metaverses integrations into their business use cases rapidly, painlessly.

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[1] Your business
Wodo development studio is a toolset to make developers' life easier during development.
[2] Wodo Platrom
Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse APIs and integrations with interoperability and simplicity
[3] Blockchains, Metaverses
Wide spectrum of blockchain, NFT networks and metaverse platforms.
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Multitenant SaaS Model

Wodo Platform offers tenant based subscription and "pay as you go" models. The paltrorm is build open cutting edge cloud infrastructure technologies. It offers high availability and robustness all around the world. Learn more.

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Highly Scalable

Wodo Platform's unique cloud infrastucure provides high scalablity and burst load handling. The platform services scale up/down in a smart elesticity. You focus on your business case, the platform smoothly handles all your blockchain, NFT and metaverse operations. Learn more.


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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Wodo Platform collect analytics data and offers business intelligence. You can monitor all your operations and get reports and recommendations based on intelligence of the paltform's AI engine Learn more.


Core Team

Diverse and international team with vast experiences in software product development and enterprunership. Our passion and skills empower us to build innovateve solutions. More info


Bekir Dag

Bekir has been working as a software developer for the last 19 years, started his own web-shop in 2011. He has worked on tens of different projects of various sizes in different industries. He is strongest in product creation since he had several different roles in the product life cycle. He embrace business agility, lean product development, systems thinking, and growth mindset.

Serhat Tanrikut

Serhat has worked for Nokia for 13 years in several leadership, engineering manager roles and moved to another company in recent years to build cloud based products. He has been managing international teams delivering complex, high throughput software platforms. He has vast experience in leadership, software product development, software architecture, and cloud technologies.

Catherine McKimm

Legal Consultant
Catherine has been a practising lawyer for over 40 years with a particular focus on commercial law and litigation. Since January 2014 she has been in-house legal counsel for an Australian based educational software development firm with a global clientele. She specializes in service contracts and has a wide range of experience in intellectual property and related issues.

Our Partnerships

We make sure that we have the right partners to walk with us in this long path.

Formal Partners

Informational Partners

Why Choose Wodo Network?

Our current mission is to accelerate the transformation of the gaming ecosystem to a new era built around Blockchain and Metaverse technologies and to establish a community as a reference point through curating simple, practical, innovative solutions. We are keen to adhere to our values along the way.


We cultivate transparency in our organization and reflect the same value to our community and partners. We strive to communicate entirely in an open way towards our community and partners; what we are doing, where we are in the plans, how we progress towards our vision.

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Community Mindset

We believe in collaboration, sharing and diversity. We adopt mindful working & communication practices to create safe and open spaces in our working environment and community.We want you to be a part of it and enjoy the road with us.

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We understand the complexity of the technology landscape we are in. We learn continuously and seek to build something new, efficient and ergonomic that takes the whole community and us forward. We perceive innovation as a culture and collaborate with our partners.

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